Monday, December 14, 2020

Coordinated attack of the Western media on the Polish government

 It is hard to avoid the impression that the Sunday actions of the Women's Strike and the "Entrepreneurs" Strike are calculated so that the Western media could write about the "extreme right" government in Poland in the worst possible way. 

Reading news reports on Google, you can see at first glance that Polish post-communists and left-wing media are trying to link the anniversaries of martial law with the current government, and they seem to succeed.

EuroNews writes: Poland: Protesters march to home of PiS party leader on anniversary of communist crackdown

Deutsche Welle writes: Poland: Protesters march to PiS leader's home after abortion ruling

AP: Poles protest on anniversary of communist-era crackdown

All three reports from Poland are written in the same tone, as if they were written by the same team. 

It is time for all Poles, including those living in the West, to look at this problem from this angle, because such reports can seriously harm investments in Poland, and thus also employment. And maybe that's what this is about.