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Monday, December 14, 2020

Pro-abortion protests in Warsaw. 60 people ticketed

 Despite of what liberal World media are reporting the Sunday protests were not so much anti right wing government. They were pro-abortion, unrestricted and on-demand abortion, protests organized to provoke the police and the government. Many of the "organizers" were among those who supported the socialist regime 40 years ago and its Marshall Law.

The protests were not as big as the media are trying to describe either. The local media did not pay attention to the size of them as much as they paid attention to the message. 

The supporters of abortion are trying very hard to provoke the conservative part of the society. The banners themselves show how great their hatred is towards people who think differently than they do. - Writes the portal wpolityce.pl.

After Sunday protests motions for punishment against 60 people were sent to the court, six protesters were fined, and three people were arrested. In addition, the motions for fines against 106 people were sent to the health authorities over covid-19 regulations.