Sunday, December 27, 2020

Today in Poland first people vaccinated for Covid-19

 In the Central Clinical Hospital in Warsaw, the first person in Poland was vaccinated against COVID-19 - the head nurse of the hospital, Alicja Jakubowska. After that, the vaccine was given to her boss, director prof. Waldemar Wierzba.

The National Vaccination Program against COVID-19 assumes that before the national vaccination campaign, the first Poles to be vaccinated will be medical service employees in the so-called junction hospitals.

The following are eligible for stage zero vaccination: employees of a junction hospital; employees of other entities performing medical activities, including sanitary and epidemiological stations; employees of social welfare homes and social welfare centers; employees of pharmacies, pharmacy outlets, medical device supply personel, pharmaceutical wholesalers, including companies transporting drugs, as well as employees of medical universities and medical students.

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