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Monday, January 4, 2021

AA - Anonymous Ambassadors for Covid-19 immunizations

What do you do if you want kids to do something they don't want to do? You tell them they absolutely can't do that. Apparently, in Poland, the same thing applies to the "total opposition." You tell them that rules are that they absolutely should not do something and then pretend to look the other way. Next thing you know, they did precisely that. Like everywhere else, Poland had a problem with a small but very vocal skeptic group regarding vaccinations. So they came up with an idea of ambassadors for the program, well-known people, celebrities, and influencers who would get vaccinated to show that they trust in their effectiveness. They even started compiling a list of people willing to do that.

Meanwhile, the government started the immunization program with the immunizations of medical personnel working with Covid patients, called "group zero." The rules were simple: everybody else will have to wait until after January 15, when the larger shipments of vaccines will arrive. 

Unfortunately, the rules don't apply to celebrities and members of "total opposition," also referred to as "elites." 

First, a former Prime Minister and now MEP Leszek Miller bragged on the internet that he got vaccinated. Then the others started to reveal that they also got vaccinated. That prompted the Medical University of Warsaw to report that 18 famous culture and art figures had agreed to become ambassadors of the universal vaccination campaign. The problem with that is that none of the group has ever signed up to be an "ambassador." In fact, the university refuses to publish the whole list of people who got vaccinated and are not health care workers.

A journalist, Tomasz Sakiewicz, used a term that fits perfectly into the situation: AA - Anonymous Ambassadors.

The only good thing here is that suddenly people started to show real interest in vaccinations.