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Friday, January 15, 2021

The European Commission is doing everything to avoid criticizing Germany for evading EU arrangements

 The German government signed in the summer of last year two preliminary agreements with German biotechnology companies BioNTech and CureVac to provide 30 million additional doses of their vaccines against Covid-19 - according to a document from the Ministry of Health and information disclosed by an anonymous official. By doing so, Germany appears to have breached a pact that prohibits governments from talking to vaccine manufacturers separately.

Here is what the European Commission (EC), the same one that is hell-bent on accusing Poland of breaching 'the rule of law,' says about it: 

"It should be emphasized that one of the guiding principles of the EU's vaccination strategy is to avoid parallel negotiations as this would undermine its effectiveness. We are confident that all Member States intend to abide by the EU's vaccine agreements."

Yesterday, Polish MEP, Patryk Jaki, wrote a motion for a debate in the European Parliament on Germany's violation of the "rule of law."

"A moment ago, I wrote a motion for a debate in the EP on the violation of the rule of law by Germany because, contrary to the rules, they arranged for themselves more vaccinations beyond the EU separation for all countries. If Poland or Hungary did it ... #RuleOfLaw"