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Friday, January 22, 2021

The industry calls for the opening of shopping centers. The deputy prime minister supports

 The shopping center industry calls for the reopening starting February 1, the Polish Council of Shopping Centers (PRCH) announced on Friday. They estimate that the effects of the 15-week lockdown will amount to over PLN 30 billion in losses for stores and service providers and PLN 6.2 billion less in VAT tax revenues to the state budget.

Spring closings of stores in shopping malls resulted in a gap in the mall's turnover at the level of PLN 17.5 billion, and the autumn lockdown resulted in a decrease in turnover by PLN 6 billion. The current ban on the operation of stores brings another PLN 6 billion losses.

In total, it's PLN 30 billion in lost revenues of shops and service providers operating in shopping centers - PRCH announced in a statement on Friday.

The deputy prime minister, Jarosław Gowin, recommends opening trade in February.

"In my opinion, there are no grounds for maintaining the freezing of large-format stores after January 31. This is the recommendation of the Ministry of Development. Still, today I will not make a declaration on this matter," said Gowin on Friday.

Gowin informed that politicians, scientists, and doctors are consulted daily regarding a potential loosening of restrictions. "The time to announce the decision will come at the beginning of next week. Sending a signal that is not 100% confirmed would be unfair to entrepreneurs" - he assessed. 

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