Monday, January 25, 2021

Vaccine manufacturers delay deliveries to Europe, causing huge problems

 While in the US, politicians, and media argue whether Trump or Biden should take credit for 1 million vaccinations per day, Europe is experiencing potentially disastrous delays in deliveries.

The reduction in vaccines' supply against the coronavirus from Pfizer and AstraZeneca will delay the vaccinations of 80-year-olds in Italy by four weeks and the rest of the population by 6-8 weeks. It was announced on Sunday by Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri on RAI TV.

Poland just reported that the vaccinations of the general population start this week. There is only "one small problem," Moderna's delivery has been canceled and will come in a few days.

"Italy is ready to take legal action against Pfizer in the coming days due to the delay in the supply of the vaccine against the coronavirus," said Domenico Arcuri, the commissioner for the pandemic crisis.

In Poland, the opposition party leader, Robert Biedroń, demanded that the prime minister support the Italian government and enter into legal action against pharmaceutical companies responsible for the delays.