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Monday, March 1, 2021

Polish activist attacked Poland for "LGBT free zones" on ... Al Jazeera

Bart Staszewski is a leftist activist who became famous due to the fake news he wrote about alleged "LGBT free zones" in Polish cities. He is facing several lawsuits from those small cities because they think it can be proven, based on his posts, that he produced and installed "LGBT free zone" signs.

"Today, for Al Jazeera, I talked about LGBT-free zones in Poland. We were also in several towns in the Lublin region. Journalists were shocked that such resolutions aimed at LGBT persons exist in Poland" - Staszewski wrote on Twitter.

His bizarre entries were commented on, among others, by French journalist Patrick Edery. "Al Jazeera is a Qatar channel ... Qatar, where homosexuality is banned, under penalty of death for Muslims and 7 years' imprisonment for others!" Edery noted.