Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The first Polish company in history to secure the supplies of American crude oil under a term contract

 The agreement between PKN Orlen and Exxon Mobil provides for delivering a total of 1 million tonnes of crude oil in one year. It covers the needs of the ORLEN Group's refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania.

"As announced, we are continuing the process of diversifying oil supplies, expanding our portfolio with an additional volume of American raw material. From the very beginning, my priority was and still is the stable supply of all refineries of the ORLEN Group, and consequently, uninterrupted fuel supplies in the region. Over the past three years, we have successfully strengthened relations with the world's largest oil producers, including Saudi Aramco, and secured new supply routes, for example, from West Africa. In this way, we also increased the entire region's energy security, reducing dependence on only one supplier" - says Daniel Obajtek, CEO of PKN ORLEN.