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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Polish court will not deport the Norwegian woman. She fled with her children for fear of Barnevernet

The Norwegian authorities have failed to bring to the country a woman who fled from there with her children, fearing Barnevernet's (Child Welfare Services) decision. The District Court in Zielona Góra did not give its consent. 

The decision to deport the mother to Norway would indeed separate her, and the children said the lawyers who represented the Norwegian woman in court.

The case began in 2018. The Norwegian woman fled to Poland with her children because of Barnevernet, which decided to take away her parental authority. The reason was that the woman did not disclose "the father's violent actions against his children."

When the woman arrived in Poland, the Norwegian authorities issued a warrant for her arrest. In October 2018, the police detained her and the children were taken to emergency care. Six months later, the Polish court decided that they could return to their mother, who had not been arrested in connection with the ongoing proceedings.

The Polish court indicated that it was not possible to talk about the child being kidnapped by a woman, as there was no judgment or decision at the time of her departure to Poland to withdraw her parental authority. During the trial, the lawyers of Ordo Iuris recalled numerous cases pending in Strasbourg in connection with Barnevernet's activities.

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