Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Spanish portal writes about the economic success of Poland. "A hard lesson for the leftist elite."

 The Spanish portal, with a substantial number of visits, wrote about Eurostat data which shows that the unemployment rate in Poland was in January the lowest in an entire European Union, 3.1%. The unemployment in Hungary was 4.9%.

While Poland ranks first and Hungary ranks sixth when it comes to the lowest unemployment rate, Spain is on the opposite side of the spectrum with 16%, the highest unemployment rate in the EU.

According to the author of an article, Elentir Vigo, these figures show progress in countries with conservative governments. "This is a hard lesson for the leftist elites in Europe," he said.

The author noted that Poland is also a country with the lowest unemployment rate among women, 2.9 percent. In Hungary, unemployment among women is 5.2 percent, ranking fifth in the EU together with Belgium.

Meanwhile, in feminist Spain with its socialist-communist government, female unemployment reached 18.1 percent, up 4 percent. More than the male unemployment rate and is the highest in the entire EU.

"In the Spanish socialist utopia, unemployment among young people has reached 39.9 percent, which is more than in Poland (14.3%) and Hungary (15.3%) combined," stressed Elentir. "Young people in Spain can only dream of such a level of unemployment as in Poland or Hungary."

According to Elentir, Poland and Hungary are insulted in Europe by both the left and part of the right despite such economic results. "The so-called progressive right avoids fighting for ideas with the left and hides behind economic discourse" - he explained. "The employment, prosperity, and wealth creation are the most important, leaving values aside."

Brussels has been demonizing these countries' governments for years, presenting them as something similar to a dictatorship only because Prime Ministers Wiktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki defend their values against the ideological dogmas of leftism - he said. Mr. Elentir reminds that few European governments achieve such high support in elections as the Fidesz party in Hungary or Law and Justice in Poland, and "this indicates that citizens are satisfied with their rule, which cannot be said about Spain." 

Meanwhile, in the case of no other member states, Brussels has put as much effort into attacking national sovereignty as it has towards Poland and Hungary. "And now it turns out that in addition to defending their sovereignty, these countries are also achieving economic success. Brussels must be furious."

"Another Europe, respecting prenatal life and family, loving the homeland and defending its Christian roots, is possible," summarized Elentir.