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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

In May, Poland will end most of the restrictions

 Prime Minister announced a plan to end most of the restrictions. Beginning on May 4th, the first epidemic restrictions will be loosened.

On May 4th the shopping malls, museums, and art galleries will open with occupancy limits.

On May 8th, hotels at 50% of the regular capacity. 

On May 15th, outdoor seating in restaurants. In schools, all grades will have hybrid learning. No masks will be required outdoors. Also, sports stadiums will open at 25% of the regular capacity.  

On May 29th, all in-door restaurants will be open at 50% of the normal use (with distance restrictions). In schools, all grades will have in-person classes. Movie theaters will open at 50% of the regular capacity. All gyms and fitness clubs will open with occupancy limits of 1 person per 15 square yards.

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