Thursday, May 20, 2021

Poland will rebuild Saski Palace

 The government announced that Saski Palace also referred to as Saxon Palace, will be rebuild. Many people say that it is the final piece of the capital's post-war reconstruction. 

Three years after a formal declaration of intent was signed, plans to rebuild Saski Palace have received a considerable boost after it was revealed that it is one of the cornerstone pledges of the government's 'New Deal.'

The cost of the project is immense, around PLN 1 billion ($271M). Still, to many, the palace has an overriding relevance to Polish history and culture, not to mention its symbolic importance to not just Warsaw but the country as a whole.

"When the 1944 Warsaw Uprising was brutally suppressed, the palace's destruction was guaranteed as the occupying Germans sought to obliterate Warsaw – and in particular references to its national heritage – before their eventual withdrawal" -

Plans to rebuild Saski Palace are back on...

Saxon Palace