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Friday, June 11, 2021

Biden did not find time to meet east European leaders during trip

Biden’s eight-day trip to Europe includes a G7 summit in England, talks in Brussels with leaders of the EU and the NATO military alliance, and a summit in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“Unfortunately, the American delegation coming to Europe, headed by President Joe Biden, is so busy with his meeting with President Putin that it has not found time to organise meetings with allies on the eastern flank,” said Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau as reported by Reuters.

Polish Press Agency reports that he also said, “President Joe Biden equates Europe with Germany” during his interview with daily Rzeczpospolita. “The US allies found no time to hold consultations with our region of the world, which is most endangered by the results of the decision.”

Rau added that when there were rumors concerning secret US-German talks concerning the pipeline, he was assured that such consultations were not taking place. But reacting to recent media reports that US-German talks on the Nord Stream were taking place, Rau said that “a formula of US-Russian-German dialogue cannot replace discussions with the allies from Nato’s eastern flank.”

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words, according to which Ukraine would have to show goodwill and behave properly after the completion of the pipeline, the Polish minister stated that Russia was conducting aggressive politics towards its neighbors through military aggression, blackmail, and threats.

“While conducting this politics, Russia will be strengthened and Nato will be weakened,” he said, adding that Nord Stream 2 was designed to break the unity of the West.

“The German government has already fallen into this trap, and now the Biden Administration is doing the same,” Rau warned, adding that this will lead to an escalation in Russia’s aggressive behavior.

In light of dozens of President Biden’s decisions made out of spite toward the former president, it appears that Poland is paying a price for having good relations between its “nationalist government” and President Trump.  During his last year’s elections campaign, Biden accused Trump of backing authoritarian leaders worldwide, including in Poland.

FM Rau said on Thursday that he and other ministers in Eastern Europe had learned of the USA’s change of position over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from the media and that they were now awaiting clarification from Washington. (- Good luck with that.)

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