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Friday, June 18, 2021

A scandalous post on Twitter from the US Embassy in Poland

 Is that what US Embassy, in any country, should be doing? Here is a post by the US Embassy in Poland, which by-the-way, is exceedingly popular around the world (see the picture above):
“20-year-old Alireza from Iran was beheaded by his family for being gay. 14-year-old Kacper from Poland took his own life because of the hate he experienced, as did 14-year-old Jamey from Buffalo, NY. Discrimination and intimidation have real, terrible consequences.”

Here are some comments:

  • "Do you compare the situation in Iran with the situation in Poland?"
  • "You are taking advantage of the child's tragedy. Disgusting"
  • "Taking the suicide of a Polish child for unexplained reasons into your propaganda is a new level at the bottom, even for an administration that uses "woke virtue" as a weapon"

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