Saturday, August 14, 2021

Did Poland Have Death Camps? Wall Street Journal Thinks So

Polish press: In the text about the documentary "The Meaning of Hitler", the Wall Street Journal used the phrase "Polish death camps". The Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York, Adrian Kubicki, asked the editorial office to correct the wording distorting the history.

My part of the family was lucky, nobody died in the German concentration camp. On the side of my wife's family number of people died from the Ukrainian nationalists' hands in Volhynia. Every Pole was affected by WWII in one part or another. Every Pole lost someone. 

Through most of my youth, I heard stories about Germans during the war, not about Nazis, about Germans. Yes, the ordinary Germans who showed their murderous hate for under-people, or less than human, Poles. A lot of the stories, the most horrific ones are still not said. We are not allowed because Germans now are such wonderful peace-loving people who helped create the EU and even invited Poles to it. So, we are not allowed to tell what we know. We should bow our heads and stay quiet (or else) when some "historian" finds evidence that few Poles also took part in the Holocaust. And we should definitely stay quiet when in the name of rewriting history they (for example the Wall Street Journal) tell us that millions of Jews and an untold number of Poles died in Polish Death Camps. Really.
"Lack of precision and sensitivity in describing historical facts leads to the historical distortion. Even if it applies to a film review." Not “Polish”, but “German” death camps. Period" - wrote the Polish diplomat, Adrian Kubicki, on social media.
Kubicki also pointed out that the text paradoxically deals with the film describing Hitler and warning against trivializing the story contains another "media slip-up", which is calling the extermination camps "Polish", which contradicts the content of the article. (Commentary on

One other thing that needs to be pointed out, in the article the word "Germany" or "German" is never mentioned. Only "Nazis." Do you see my point?

Lately, we see plenty of articles in the American and European media about nationalism rising in Poland, and its leaders are called "thugs" (Joe Biden, 2020). I guess that is the prize Poles have to pay for even talking to Trump, nevertheless treating him like the Unites States President when he visited Poland. And that's on the top of being Poles.

- KT, PoloniaNews