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Friday, August 13, 2021

Warsaw Uprising: August 13 - a dozen of "Halifaxes" make airdrops

 A dozen of "Halifaxes" make airdrops for Warsaw. The insurgents receive weapons and ammunition.

Fighting has been going on in the Old Town since the morning. Like the day before, the Germans launched a strong attack on the defending insurgents. Although the Varsovians put up stiff resistance, the opponent has a considerable advantage, especially in terms of weapons. The destruction is carried out by an armored train, constantly shooting at Polish positions. In the afternoon, the Home Army troops are forced to leave barricades at Stawki and Rymarska streets, which means that Germans now surround the Old Town. 

In Podwale district the soldiers of the "Gustaw" battalion bring a captured German tank. The vehicle turns out to be a trap filled with explosives - nearly three hundred people die. 

The fights in Śródmieście are initiated by RONA (*) units which are repelled by the unit of Lieutenant Zbigniew Brym, "Dunin". The evening attack of the Home Army units on Mirowska Hall ends in failure. Its aim was to restore communication between Śródmieście and the Old Town.

* RONA units or Kaminski Brigade was a collaborationist formation composed of Soviet nationals.

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