Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Poland ends evacuations from Afghanistan, last two planes

 Polish evacuations of civilian personnel from Afghanistan have ended with the last two planes. One of them is on its way home, the other is still waiting for passengers. Yesterday, Polish planes evacuated several dozen Afghans, whose evacuation was requested by Lithuania.

These will be the last two planes with evacuees from Afghanistan that will come to Poland. One of them is on its way, the other is still waiting for passengers in Uzbekistan. This is where the mission will end - said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcin Przydacz.

After coordination with our allies, yesterday I spoke with Wendy Sherman from the US State Department, after consulting the British who are there (...) knowing that this time is very short. At the same time, after a thorough analysis of all kinds of security reports, we can no longer risk the lives of our diplomats, our soldiers - said the deputy head of Polish diplomacy.

He assured that the basic objectives of the mission had been achieved - all Polish citizens were evacuated, all former employees of the Polish embassy who wanted to leave are evacuated, safe in Poland, as well as collaborators of the Polish military contingent who managed to get to the airport.

Taking into account all these factors, a decision was made that these two planes at the moment, for today, will be the last two planes evacuating our associates. The Polish Army will remain there for a while, which must perform certain actions, including closing the camp - said Przydacz.

Earlier, on Tuesday morning, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Twitter that another Polish plane with evacuated Afghan associates of the Polish mission returned to Warsaw from Afghanistan. "Among 116 people on board, there were several dozen children" - we read.