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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Warsaw Uprising: August 12 - first Varsovians arrive in Auschwitz

Palace Under the Four Winds burning - from the Museum of Warsaw Uprising

 - The Germans seized from the Polish hands the buildings of the Water and Sewerage Department of the Downtown District, as well as the Military Geographical Institute, the Municipal Institute of Hygiene, and the Tourist House.

- The first issue of the "Barykada" magazine has been published.

- The first two (August 12 and 13) and the most numerous transports, a total of 6,000 people, reached Auschwitz. Varsovians, imprisoned after the outbreak of the uprising in a transit camp in Pruszków. In total, the Germans deported approx. 550,000 people from Warsaw. inhabitants and approx. 100 thousand. people from the immediate vicinity of the city. 55 thousand people were deported from there to concentration camps, of which approx. 13 thousand. to Auschwitz.

- Poles managed to repel German attacks on Old Town. Germans reported very hard fights in Warsaw. 

- The insurgents still hold the Postal Office and still control the Aleje Jerozolimskie expressway. 

- The German air force makes intensive air raids on the Downtown. 

"Today the enemy was trying to destroy the forces in the area of ​​the Old Town. The situation was critical, the buildings were passing from hand to hand. Enormous bursts of fire. In the evening, the situation was controlled with a series of counterattacks. If we do not receive airdrops on Krasiński Square tonight. , tomorrow the situation in this area will be hopeless. In other sections, no major changes." -  Gen. Komorowski reported to London.

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