Thursday, August 26, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 26 - military and civilian leaders evacuate from the Old Town

Overnight, the military and civilian leaders of the insurgency were evacuated from the Old Town to Downtown. At the same time, the horrible scenes were taking place in the Old Town. Massive German air raids and artillery shelling destroyed the remains of the ruined district. The heroic insurgents were still defending themselves in ruins. On that day, particularly heavy fights broke out over the buildings of the Bank of Poland defended by the troops of the "Parasol" (Umbrella) and "Pine" units. Despite their own losses, they hold their positions. 

The building of the National Security Printing Works was changing hands from hour to hour. However, this day showed that the building of the State Security Printing Works would soon become the target of the Germans again. 

A bomb destroys the building where the People's Army headquarters are located. Many of the troops present there have died. 

In Downtown, heavy bombing causes a large number of fires.