Monday, August 9, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 9th

  • During the evacuation of the Germans from the Bruehl Palace, the seat of the governor of the Warsaw district, Ludwig Fischer, his deputy, Dr. Herbert Hummel, was killed. 

  • The magazines "Kurier Stołeczny" and "Barykady Powiśla" have been published.

  • From the very morning, the "Radosław" group has been fighting a fierce battle to maintain the position protecting the Old Town. At the same time, the "Parasol" (Umbrella) battalion is taking up positions in the old ghetto. The Germans launch an attack from the Kierbedź Bridge, but it is stopped in the firefight with the insurgents.

  • After launching the "Błyskawica" radio station, Polish Radio was brought back to life, and since then it has been providing information for the Warsaw citizens every day, working 16 hours a day. 

  • In Ochota, the resistance of the "Reduta Kaliska" finally collapses. The soldiers decide to withdraw to the areas still occupied by the insurgents. As a consequence, at night the unit of 2nd Lt. Andrzej Chyczewski, "Gustaw", manages to break through to the Chojnowskie Forests.