Thursday, September 30, 2021

EU bureaucrats realize that their dispute with Poland has no legal basis, hence the attacks

As reported by the newspaper, Rzeczpospolita, the EU authorities are aware that their accusations against Poland related to the issue of the rule of law are groundless. Therefore, there is no substantive prerequisite for suspending the disbursement of EU funds.

The European Commission has "frozen" the Polish National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) amid concerns over the rule of law. The KPO is a document that allows member states to reach for funds from the EU Reconstruction Fund. As part of this package, Poland will receive a total of EUR 58.1 billion - almost EUR 23.9 billion in the form of subsidies and EUR 34.2 billion in loans. The government has until 2026 to use this money.

The Polish government argues that the actions of the European Commission are illegal. Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Waldemar Buda, did not rule out that the government would take "radical" measures against the Commission if it did not approve the Plan or present objective objections.

Prof. Jabłoński referred to the reports of "Rzeczpospolita" on Polish Radio 24. As he emphasized, the EU bureaucrats deliberately led to a legal clinch with Poland.

- This is an explanatory voice, expressed expressis verbis (in clear words). Until now, most analysts have guessed whether they interpreted various decisions of the Court of Justice or the European Commission in this way. Now we have at least the media confirmation that the authorities of the European Union are aware that they are introducing a certain clinch situation - he said.

- And if it cannot be played out in the normal rules, trying to come up with something by putting pressure on the Polish authorities - added the expert. 

The professor also pointed out that the EC's actions towards Poland are working.