Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Intel may invest in Poland

 Intel Corp wants to build eight chip factories for EUR 80 billion in one of the European Union countries. Poland is one of the potential locations for this investment.

"We received about 70 location proposals, and three of them are in Poland. Prime Minister Morawiecki was a good seller, convincing me why I should consider Poland" - Intel president Pat Gelsinger tells Polish daily, Rzeczpospolita.

The newspaper reports that the investment was one of the topics of his conversation with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on September 8 at the company's R&D center in Gdańsk. In the location chosen by the concern, eight plants are to be built, which will cost a total of EUR 80 billion.

"The project is planned for a decade, 10,000 people will find work in it. Each of them will employ five or ten people employed, among others, by suppliers" - the daily reports.

According to unofficial information, Lower Silesia and its economic zones, Polish "Silicon Valley", have the greatest chances. 

Intel is expected to make a choice by the end of the year. For this investment, Poland competes against Germany, Italy, France, and Ireland.