Thursday, September 9, 2021

PIAST – Polish ImAging SaTellites

 The commencement of work on the construction of the PIAST satellites has been announced. 

The PIAST project is to guarantee the first Polish instruments of the national satellite Earth observation system for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces. It will also be the first commercial implementation of the HyperSat platform.

The project is in line with the need to develop a complete satellite imaging system for Poland, consisting of satellites, a terrestrial segment for data control and acquisition, and a data processing segment. In the course of this goal, a number of technologies are to be developed that will enable the construction of much larger satellite constellations in the future. The development of their critical subsystems in Poland is to enable full control over the process of acquiring important image data.

HyperSat is a modular, universal satellite platform that, equipped with specialized instruments, it will allow to carry out a wide range of space missions for various purposes. From radar, through telecommunications, to optical