Thursday, September 16, 2021

Polish MEP: "The fasade of our European house is beautiful, but there is a mess inside"

 Yesterday in Strasbourg, during the plenary session of the European Parliament, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, delivered a speech on the State of the Union.  

Ursula von der Leyen focused on the EC's efforts to combat the health and economic crisis caused by the pandemic and presented a vision of meeting the challenges facing the EU, such as economic recovery, climate change, and the digital agenda. 

Polish MEP Beata Szydło took the floor during the discussion and said:

The fasade of our European home is beautiful, but unfortunately, a mess inside, because the EU institutions more and more often take decisions outside the framework, and more and more often the principles and values that were once the foundation of this common European home are being violated. Christian values, principles of tolerance, equality, and all that they brought.

What are the treaty provisions that allow to combine the rule of law with the payment of European funds? Where do the treaties state that the arbitrary decisions of a single EU official can decide whether or not a Member State's legal system complies with EU law, since it is the law of sovereign Member State? - She asked. 

Another Polish MEP, Professor Krasnodębski, said that "there are growing doubts as to whether the Commission itself is acting within the law conferred on it by the Member States in the Treaties."

He reminded everyone that article 13 of the Treaty on European Union states that each institution acts within the limits of the powers conferred on it by the Treaties.

Meanwhile, we are dealing with a process in which the Commission, but also the European Parliament, are constantly expanding their competencies contrary to this principle at the expense of the Member States, ignoring their legal and political order - he noticed.

Today we are talking about the state of the European Union. The fasade of the EU building is beautiful, but inside, the rules laid down by the founders of the Union are being violated. Bureaucrats appropriate our common European home. Nation-states and traditional values are under attack. It is destroying the foundations of Europe.