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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: September 21 - 23: Czerniaków falls

September 21 

- The Allied Air Force made the last drops of supplies over Warsaw. 

- Fights of the 6th Infantry Regiment of the Polish Army against the Germans in Żoliborz. 

September 22 

- The "Nowy Kurier Warszawski" published by the Germans in Polish wrote: "Ruins and ruins in the streets - such fruits were given by the crazy idea of General Bor to organize an uprising in Warsaw, which was paid for with the lives of tens of thousands of innocent victims and the ordeal of hundreds of thousands of refugees." 

- Gen. Chruściel "Monter" sent a letter to the Marshal of the USSR, Konstanty Rokossowski, in which he offered military assistance in the planned Soviet assault on Warsaw. 

- The Germans captured the Czerniaków bridgehead, defended by insurgents and soldiers of the Polish People's Army, then murdering about 200 wounded.

September 23 

- The last moments of the defense of Czerniaków. Only a few remain in the district, and they gather mainly on the Vistula riverbank. This is where the remnants of the 9th Infantry Regiment of the People's Army are located. 

- Some of the defenders of the Czerniaków are trying to break through to Downtown. Only a few make their way through the German lines. 

- The last house of Czerniaków, at 1 Wilanowska Street, surrenders.

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