Sunday, October 3, 2021

Formerly Great Britain, now just Britain, turned away Polish journalist at the border

 The columnist of "Do Rzeczy", Rafał Ziemkiewicz, has been detained on the border and denied entry because of his views, according to the official note of British services.

Rafał Ziemkiewicz was arrested yesterday at Heathrow airport, where, after several hours of procedures, including a personal search and collecting documents, he was refused entry to the UK and ordered to leave the country.

The border guards let Ziemkiewicz's wife and daughter pass but detained him himself. After a few hours, the journalist was arrested without giving any reason. According to our information, his medicines, documents, and telephone were taken away.

"For 1.5 hours, I was deceived that they had a problem with my passport because they have a new system and my data is not loading, which was likely. So I was assured that another 5-10 minutes and they would give my passport back. Eventually, they disappeared. everybody, for a good 2 hours nothing happened. As far as I know, the consul who intervened was also lied to," said Ziemkiewicz.

The document issued by the British Office for Foreigners clearly shows that Ziemkiewicz was arrested because of ... his political views. 

"You have sought permission to enter the United Kingdom as a visitor for two days. However, I consider your exclusion from the United Kingdom is conducive to the public good. This is due to your conduct and views which are at odds with British values and likely to cause offense and therefore make it undesirable for you to be granted entry"- we read in an official document of the Home Office.

The only conclusion from all of this is that, as Ziemkiewicz called it yesterday, the "formerly Great" Britain left the EU way too late and that everybody else is very lucky that they did.