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Friday, October 8, 2021

Poland’s Top Court Rules Its Constitution Trumps EU Law. It Ignited Anger But...

Poland's Constitutional Tribunal ruling on the primacy of the Polish Constitution over EU law confirms the Constitution as the supreme source of law in Poland.

The Tribunal also ruled that European provisions which empower national courts to ignore provisions of the Constitution or adjudicate based on annulled norms are inconsistent with the Constitution. 

That ruling ignited the EU's anger, but ... they forgot that 6 other countries also did not recognize the superiority of EU law over their constitutions. Does that mean that Poland is not their equal? Or, did they simply forgot?

Poland is not the only member of the EU that recognizes the superiority of its own Constitution over EU law.

There is a graphic on the Internet that quickly gains popularity. It shows a list of countries that have recognized the superiority of their own Constitution in a relatively simple and highly vivid way over EU law.