Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Czech government does not want to resolve the dispute over the Turów power plant

 The Czech government did not respond to the last proposal to resolve the dispute over the Turów power plant submitted a month ago, Deputy Minister of Climate Adam Gibourge-Czetwertyński informed in the Sejm.

"The Czechs just don't want a resolution. To reach an agreement, there must be the will of both parties. If there is no will on the Czech side, we cannot help it," - said the deputy minister.

The Czech Republic brought a complaint to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) against Poland regarding the expansion of the Turów mine at the end of February this year. At the same time, they demanded the use of the so-called interim measure, an order to suspend production. The Czech side believes that the mine expansion threatens the access to water for the inhabitants of Liberec. They also complain about noise and dust related to lignite mining. The Polish government did not comply with the order to suspend production.

On September 20, the CJEU imposed on Poland a fine of  500,000 euro per day for not implementing the interim measure and continuing to extract lignite from the mine. The Polish government declares that it is not going to pay. 

Immediately after the fine was imposed on Poland the Czech side offered to sell coal from their mine that's in the same region.