Monday, December 13, 2021

Germany blocking defensive weapons for Ukraine. Who is Putin's biggest ally?

 The new Ukrainian defense minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, in the Financial Times accused Germany of blocking NATO arms deliveries to Kyiv, despite US warnings about the impending Russian invasion.

Reznikov told the Financial Times that Berlin last month vetoed Ukraine's purchase of anti-drone rifles and anti-sniper systems through the NATO Defense Support and Procurement Agency. However, the Germans have since agreed to the purchase by Ukraine of anti-drone rifles as they considered them a non-lethal weapon.

"They are still building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and at the same time blocking our defensive weapons. It's not fair," said Reznikov.

The newspaper points out that Kyiv is trying to fill the gaps in its defense capabilities, but allies fear that the supply of weapons may be regarded by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a provocation or even an excuse for an escalation.

Ukraine is urgently seeking to acquire anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems, electronic warfare kits, and cyber defense equipment. Due to the German blockade of orders for lethal equipment - a position taken by the former government of Angela Merkel - Reznikov said that Ukraine will try to obtain weapons under bilateral agreements with allies, including the US, Great Britain, Lithuania, and France.

As the Financial Times writes, the position of the new German government headed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz is not yet clear. 

"And who in Europe is Russia's most effective ally? Who?: - commented on Twitter by prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski, PiS MEP.

PN: Germany should know better. Or, maybe they know exactly what they are doing. Poland should see that as a HUGE warning against such "allies" and develop its own weapons and produce them on a such scale that they could be shared (sold) with other Easte European countries.