Saturday, December 11, 2021

Mass-murder of Polish youth in Gdynia, Nov. 1939

 Gdynia, November 11, 1939. Someone broke the windows at the police station, and the Nazi flag was torn off. Major Wolter informs his superiors in Gdańsk that there has been an act of "Polish vandalism." The retaliation was immediately ordered. 

Soldiers burst into every apartment in the neighborhood and pulled men out of there. Over 500 men are gathered in the square in front of the police station. There they start interrogations, to no effect. Nobody admits breaking the windows and destroying the flag. Germans released the adults and left only the youth in the square. 

Families come, and people cry and ask the boys to be released. The Germans line them up and order them to count to ten. Every tenth is to take a step forward. 

The Germans read the sentence: these Polish bandits are sentenced to death and shot. People in the crowd shout: "Jesus, Mary, save us! Mother, father, help us!

Parents are helpless ... The Germans lead young people to the church of Andrzej Bobola. A firing squad was set up there. The gathered people begin prayers and cry. The order is given, the machine gun bursts are heard. The wounded were killed by the officer with a shot to the head. Families are not allowed to approach the murdered. They are not allowed to take the bodies. At night, the Germans take the corpse to the forest and bury it there in a mass grave. They were not re-buried until 1945.

- Based on the article on Niezalezna(.)pl