Friday, December 31, 2021

PM asked Donald Tusk to send an urgent letter to Angela Merkel

 You would think that Trump and his political style is a phenomenon that is one of its kind, but if you keep reading, you will find out that others learned from him and learned well.

Donald Tusk, leader of the Polish party, Civic Platform, President of the European People's Party, and former President of the European Council, recorded a video in which he attacked Prime Minister Morawiecki for high increases in natural gas prices. 

Intrigued by Donald Tusk's sudden concern for the affairs of Poland and the fate of ordinary Poles, the PM decided to reply by posting letters that the head of the Civic Platform could send to Angela Merkel and Frans Timmermans. The letters would draw their attention to how their decisions led to shocking price increases and inflation.

Morawiecki writes that the rise in prices and inflation in the EU was caused, among other things, by the Nord Stream 2 project, forced for years by Germany, but also the entire system of CO2 emission allowances, which today has simply become an area of price speculation and a generator of inflation.

"If you really want to help us with this, then - using your international contacts and the position of the EPP chairman - I would like to invite you to send special letters, which I have allowed myself to prepare, addressed to your friends."

The PM added here a picture of the proposed letter to Angela Merkel, which I have converted, using OCR, and translated, with few edits, so we can enjoy it:

Dear Madam Chancellor, Dear Angela!

Responsible politics requires that you be able to admit when you are wrong. Unfortunately, today we have to beat our chest: it is now clear that the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was a huge mistake.

Both as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, the head of the European Council and the head of the European People's Party, I put Polish-German relations at the center of my policy. I have repeatedly expressed my support for the German aspirations, aspirations which, in my understanding, lead the entire European Union in the best possible direction.

Perhaps it was this certainty that made it impossible to see that the NS2 project was so harmful. We already know that it not only does not serve Germany's long-term interests, but also destroys European solidarity. Its consequence is a sharp rise in prices, which is hitting hard European societies, including Polish society, tired of the pandemic.

Sincere faith in the possibility of honest cooperation with Vladimir Putin turned out to be naïve. It is a bitter lesson for me and for all progressive European forces. But we must learn from this lesson. There is only one remedy for a sharp rise in gas prices, for the energy blackmail of Vladimir Putin. Nord Stream 2 must be closed. This is the best solution for Europe, Germany and Poland.

We must do the same for the OC2 emissions allowance system, which has become an area of price speculation and an inflation generator. Thus, it threatens not only the financial security of EU citizens, but also the future of the EU climate policy.

The reform of the CO2 emissions system is the key to stoping record inflation in both Germany and Poland. While the reform of the ETS system requires a lot of work, the end of Nord Stream 2 requires only one political decision. I am asking for it in the name of our friendship and in the interest of ordinary citizens of Germany and Poland.

Faithfully yours, Donald.