Sunday, December 19, 2021

Russia copied Polish Poprad SHORAD Systems

 Ukrainian portal Defense Express reports that "Russia starts mass production of its Polish counterpart of Poprad."

The portal discusses information provided by official Russian sources (defense corporation Rostech) about the start of "mass production" of its latest short-range anti-aircraft missile system "Gibka-S" ("Гибка-С"). Russian media claim that the "Gibka-S" is an "export-oriented product," but they are not even suggesting who would buy their latest mobile short-range air defense system.

As the Ukrainian portal writes, "in general, the Russian Gibka-S system can be called an analog of the Polish short range SAM Poprad. They have the same architecture - several MANPADS mounted on the chassis of an armored vehicle, which also serves as a platform for fire control equipment. "He also emphasizes that chronologically it was the Polish Poprad that was the first to enter mass production, so it is reasonable to describe the Russian solution as an imitation of Polish system.

POPRAD uses Piorun missiles which can hit air targets moving at speeds of up to 400 m/s (on the meeting course) and 320 m/s (on the chase course) within the range of 500-6500 m and at an altitude of 10 to 4000 m. Each Poprad kit contains four spare rounds stored in special storage inside the vehicle. The Poprad operates as part of a classic air defense system or fully autonomously.

For the Russian system, the target destruction range is to be 6 km, the maximum ceiling from 10 m to 4.5 km, and the maximum target speed is 400 m/s (on the meeting course) and 320 m/s (on the chasing course).