Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Ukraine - residents of Kiev preparing for ... Russian bombing!

 While, according to the Washington Post, the Biden administration is studying how they could support an anti-Russian insurgency inside Ukraine Ukrainians turn to Cold War infrastructure while preparing for a potential Russian bombing.

Radio Free Europe reports that Kyiv city officials on December 20 gave journalists a tour of bomb shelters made during the Cold War prepped for a new potential threat: a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, most shelters are closed so that unauthorized persons cannot access them unnecessarily and that they are not contaminated. In the event of an emergency, the authorities ensure that all shelters will be made available to residents within 15 minutes.

"We inform that in the event of the "Attention to all" alarm in the city (sirens), all dual-purpose facilities in the basements like shops, hairdressing salons, banks, etc. tare to be opened to the residents of our city" - says Roman Tkaczuk, director of the security department of the City of Kyiv Administration.

Regarding WH study of how to support the insurgency: wouldn't it be easier to stop Putin in his tracks now?!