Sunday, January 2, 2022

Triggo goes to Vegas

 CES is the most influential and largest technology event in the world. This year, the Polish electric vehicle Triggo will appear on the CES stage. The company will present itself at the "Eureka Park", where the most interesting new technologies from around the world meet capital markets. Triggo will appear, among projects such as humanoid robots, facial disease recognition, and real-time vehicle and pedestrian tracking technology.

The Triggo is an electric vehicle that, thanks to the variable geometry of the front suspension, offers the agility of a motorcycle in city traffic, combined with the comfort of an enclosed cabin known from cars. The idea was born in Poland, but it is becoming a global project, arousing the interest of global hunters of innovation. The solutions used in Triggo are covered by international patent protection on the most important world markets.

During CES 2022, the Triggo booth will feature the latest pre-production prototype. It will be presented in such a way that visitors can see for themselves how the system that allows folding the front wheels works in practice.

A special teleoperation station will also be prepared. Thanks to it, the audience will be able to drive the car located in Warsaw remotely, straight from Las Vegas.

The possibility of remote driving Triggo from Las Vegas will confirm our technological readiness to implement "cars in 5 minutes". It is a breakthrough service that will revolutionize car-sharing. The user will be able to order Triggo to the indicated address using the application, and the remote driver will take care of its delivery. Thanks to this, we are not forced to travel to the nearest availabe vehicle. Triggo will come to us, exactly where we need it - explains Rafał Budweil.