Wednesday, March 9, 2022

How much more troublesome is to transfer MIGs from Germany and how much less from Poland?

 On behalf of the entire (Polish) government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed an unequivocal position on the MIG-29 issue, said Łukasz Jasina.

On Tuesday, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on MIG-29s: 

"The authorities of the Republic of Poland, after consultations with the President and the Government of the Republic of Poland, are ready to immediately and free of charge move all their MIG-29 planes to the base in Ramstein and place them at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America.  
At the same time, Poland is asking the United States of America to provide it with used aircraft with similar operational capabilities. Poland is ready to immediately agree on the terms of purchase of these machines. The Polish government is also asking other NATO countries - owners of MIG-29 planes - to take similar action."

Poland has been under pressure, at least in the media, to provide MiGs to Ukraine for several days, and the idea itself first appeared over a week ago. The proposal developed by the Polish side to hand over the machines to the Americans was not well received. 

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby responded to the Polish statement several hours later. He informed that the prospect of putting jet fighters "at the disposal of the US government" departing from the US and NATO bases in Germany to enter the combat zone over Ukraine raises serious doubts for the entire NATO alliance. 

"It is simply not clear to us what the substantive justification is."

He added that the possible transfer of the planes to Ukraine is only a sovereign decision of the Polish government, and the current proposal is unsustainable. 

In this context, it is not clear how much more troublesome for NATO to transfer the planes from the base in Germany and how less problematic from Poland.

Wait, I know: the Biden administration doesn't want to be seen as having a hand in starting World War III. Let Poland make this difficult decision and take all the blame for it.

- Based on news/commentary in Defence24(.)pl