Thursday, March 3, 2022

PM Morawiecki to the European Commission: I am calling for the implementation of the crushing package of sanctions

 After the conclusion of the Polish-Romanian intergovernmental consultations, Prime Minister Morawiecki stated that the security conditions of Poland and Romania were directly dependent on the attitude of Russia - is it an aggressive country that invades its neighbor, or is it a country with which it is possible to coexist peacefully?

Morawiecki said that one of the main topics of intergovernmental consultations was the situation in Ukraine and the immediate threats related to it.

"I call on our European partners from the European Commission to implement a bold, crushing sanctions package, which will be really painful and harsh for the Russian economy" - appealed the prime minister.

"We are of the opinion, that there must be universal sanctions that will be felt by the entire banking system in Russia very acutely, because only this may lead to a profound change in Russian policy" - added the head of the Polish government.

During the conference, the Polish and Romanian governments signed an agreement on cooperation in the area of defense, an action plan of the ministries of foreign affairs for 2022-2026, a memorandum of understanding between the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on diplomatic and academic cooperation, and an agreement on strengthening cooperation in the field of strategic reserves and funds planned to be used in crisis situations.