Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Poland supports Ukraine, while the EPP wants to impose sanctions on it

 The European People's Party asked the European Commission "to respond immediately to ongoing violations of the rule of law" in "certain countries". Patryk Jaki, MEP, informed about the letter.

According to a letter prepared by EPP politicians, the party "calls on the Commission to take urgent action and to apply the rule of law conditionality mechanism immediately and retrospectively."

"The Commission carries out its duties as guardian of the Treaties and should react immediately to ongoing violations of the rule of law in some countries which pose a serious threat to the EU's financial interests in terms of the fair, legal and impartial distribution of EU funds."

The document was made available by MEP Patryk Jaki. In his opinion, this is a call for further sanctions against Poland.

"Mr. Tusk! How can you stab a knife in the back when Poland puts so many resources into helping Ukraine?!" (Donald Tusk, former President of the European Council, is currently a President of the European People’s Party.)