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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Railway connections between Belarus and Ukraine severed

 The media report that rail connections between Belarus and Ukraine are broken. A group of Belarusian railway saboteurs is behind that.

On Sunday, wrote about it a Polish portal, 'Onet(.)pl', quoting the president of Ukrainian Railways, Oleksandr Kamyszyn. Kamyszyn said that the action was related to the activities of the opposition in Belarus.

"Recently, I appealed to Belarusian railwaymen not to obey criminal orders and not to run Russian military trains towards Ukraine. Today I can say that there are no more rail connections between Belarus and Ukraine. I will not give details, but I am grateful to the Belarusian railwaymen for what they did," - said Kamyszyn on 'Bialsat' television. And he added that Russian troops are now unable to use the Belarusian tracks, and therefore trains with supplies for the military have been stopped.