Saturday, May 14, 2022

PM Morawiecki's essay in The Telegraph put Poland on the top of the list to be "denazified"

 Polish Prime Minister in his opinion essay "Russia’s monstrous ideology must be defeated", published by The Telegraph, wrote something that most of us think: "Russia’s monstrous ideology is the equivalent of 20th-century communism and Nazism – and it must be defeated because it poses a deadly threat to Europe." 

Moscow did not like it, and Olga Skabiejewa, one of the Kremlin's leading propagandists, stated in the "Special operation" program on the Rossija 1 station that "fascist terror" was taking place in more and more countries in Europe. And Poland is on the top of the list.

- Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Russkij Mir [Russian world - ed. red] poses a threat to the whole of Europe. Moreover, Morawiecki called for the complete destruction of the "monster ideology", calling it "cancer" - said the presenter referring to the article published by the Polish prime minister in the British daily "The Telegraph".

- This means that history does not teach people anything. After all, thanks to such self-satisfied and arrogant idiots, Poland has already ceased to exist as an independent state several times, she stated.

Morawiecki wrote a simple truth that Putin and his people don't want you and me to realize: 

"The complete perversity of Russia's actions is that today Putin is building a new Russian imperialism based on the myth of victory over Nazism, and his propaganda presents his aggression against Ukraine as an operation to" denazify "the country. (...)

We cannot be under any illusions. It is not madness, but a deliberately designed strategy that has already opened the way to genocide. (...) Today, it is not enough for us to support Ukraine in a military victory over Russia. We must counteract this new monstrous ideology."