Saturday, May 28, 2022

There is still no EU money for Poland to support refugees from Ukraine

 Poland has not yet received any new EU funds to support refugees from Ukraine. After three months of the war, apart from the possibility of transferring money from other programs, the European Commission offered Poland €144.6 million from the budget (€42 per person), which has not yet been transferred.

In April, the Commission pledged €400 million for five countries - Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic - the ones most affected by the influx of people fleeing the war. Poland was to receive €144.6 million from this tranche. However, this money has not yet reached Poland. EC spokesman Anitta Hipper said that the Commission must discuss with the Polish authorities the conclusion of grant agreements, which will be signed "in the coming weeks."

“From the beginning, we said that the help we provide goes into billions of euros, not millions. EU aid to countries that help refugees should also amount to billions of euros, as was the case with Turkey or Greece in 2015-16. The Commission's proposals are far from sufficient today, but we will use every euro that we will be able to allocate to help refugees "