Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Polish politician: the global food crisis was among main goals of war in Ukraine

 The goal of Putin's invasion of Ukraine is to build a second income stream and means of blackmailing Europe. "The first is gas, the second is food" - says Marek Jakubiak, former presidential candidate.

Yesterday, the leader of the block of opposition parties against the Center-Right government in Poland, Donald Tusk, expressed his "concern" with the plans of shipping Ukrainian grain to Polish ports. 

"There is a war, there is a blockade and more and more transports from Ukraine through Poland to other countries, but unfortunately from the point of view of Polish farmers, this means that some of these grains and maize will be sold here in Poland at significantly lower prices" - said Tusk.

Tusk's "concern" is a politicization of the possible food crisis is a means of turning Polish farmers against the government. 

Former presidential candidate Marek Jakubiak, commenting on the words of the Civic Platform (PO) chief, stated that "Tusk implements German policy, which is consistent with Russian policy, because they have similar goals. (...) Today they have only such remorse that people are killed there (in Ukraine) and it is not right to support the Russians," - he said.

According to him, the goal of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was to "build a second leg. - The first leg was gas, energy, and incapacitating Europe from its own energy sources, and the second - was food sources. (...) So they (the Russians) have gas and food, and they have the entire world at their feet. That, excuse me, the fools in the West did not notice," - said Jakubiak.