Thursday, June 9, 2022

President Duda at "Bild": Did anyone say that Hitler must save face?


 The President of Poland gave an interview to the German daily "Bild". Andrzej Duda's words about Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron caused a media storm in Germany.

In the interview, the president recalls one of his visits to Ukraine:

"Russian troops were near Kiev. They failed to enter the city, but I saw what they did near Kiev. In mid-April, we were there with the presidents of the Baltic states. We were just after the Russians withdrew, having repelled them from these areas. We were in Borodyanka and in Irpin. We have seen the terrible destruction, the enormity of cruelty and ruthlessness with which Russia implements its war strategy in Ukraine," - emphasizes Duda.

"For us, Poles, the matter is clear. We must do everything in our power to stop imperial Russia. We must help the Ukrainians today, we must help them in every conceivable way, because our great hope and the great hope of the Baltic states is that Russian imperialism will break its teeth in Ukraine," - he adds. 

President Duda was asked: Is "Poland and the states of Eastern Europe showing leadership, and Germany is currently lacking such leadership?"

"I don't want to judge other leaders, their decisions: go to Kiev or not. There are different circumstances, different advice. There are also different personalities," - admits Duda. 


"Germany - unfortunately - even after 2014, taking advantage of the various shortcomings of EU regulations, supplied Russia with high-end products that were at least dual-use products, thus also supporting Russian military and Putin's regime. And today, as we hear, there is an exceptionally large part of German business that just wants to do business," - admits Duda. 

The Polish politician sharply criticized the leaders of France and Germany for their constant talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The last one took place at the end of May. 

"I am amazed at all the talks with Putin that are being held now by Chancellor Scholz, by President Emmanuel Macron. These conversations are of no use. But what do they cause? They merely legitimize the man responsible for the crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine. He is responsible because he made the decision to send the army there, and these commanders - Vladimir Putin - are under him.

Did anyone talk like that during World War II with Adolf Hitler? Did anyone say Adolf Hitler had to save face? That it must be done so that it would not be degrading to Adolf Hitler? I have not heard such a thing," - says President Duda.