Thursday, August 25, 2022

Belarus devastated the cemetery of the Home Army soldiers

"The cemetery of the Home Army soldiers in Surkonty is devastated by the services of the Minsk regime. Those who think that it will be possible to eradicate the human memory of the heroes are mistaken. The regime will pay for these acts of barbarism," Foreign Ministry spokesman Łukasz Jasina wrote on Twitter.

Information about the destruction of the Polish cemetery was provided on Thursday by the Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Giczan. The portal 'Głos znad Niemna' also informs about the devastation of the Polish cemetery.

"According to the information we obtained, the devastation of a cemetery resembles a large-scale special operation. Roads to the place where the act of barbarism is taking place are blocked by the police. And local residents who try to document the crime being committed are threatened with imprisonment. This is also the reason it has not been possible to obtain a picture of this unimaginable atrocity happening right now"- we read on the portal.

On August 21, 1944, the first regular battle between Polish Home Army and the Red Army took place in Surkonty. Thirty-five soldiers of the Home Army and their commander, Lieutenant Colonel Maciej Kalenkiewicz, were buried there. The cemetery was not unveiled until September 8, 1991. There was an inscription in Polish on the commemorative cross, but the authorities did not agree to write down who the fallen fought against.