Saturday, August 20, 2022

Belgian historian: EU will tighten the screw to overthrow Polish government

 Payments to Poland from the reconstruction fund (KPO) were postponed once again, even though each time, the Polish side declared its willingness to talk to EU institutions and considered reforms under the Polish constitution. Poland is at an impasse, and the EU will tighten the screw to finally overthrow the hated Polish government - says Belgian historian prof. David Engels. And he adds that when it comes to KPO for Poland, the EU "discovers new obstacles each time to delay the payment."

Professor Engels believes that "each time the EU discovers new obstacles to delay the payment of KPO, and at the same time various penalties imposed on Poland are accumulating, which is due not only to the fact that the EU cash register is probably empty due to many other expenses but above all with obvious political intentions."

According to the professor, "on the one hand, Brussels wants to blackmail the Polish government and Poles financially, and on the other, force such a reorganization of the Polish legal system that the whole country plunges into institutional chaos, which can only be remedied by a liberal-left-wing government supported by the EU - probably under the leadership of a 'commissioner' sent directly by Brussels, as was the case with the famous Troika, which exercised de facto control over Greece a few years ago."

This crisis has been coming for a long time, and there is no easy solution. "Poland's only viable strategy so far has been to make concessions on those points where compromise was reasonable and possible, delaying as long as possible on all other points, building a broad pan-European conservative alliance to pave the way for changes in sentiment in Brussels, deepening the cooperation of the Three Seas to balance Berlin and Paris and finally by diversifying international economic relations - especially towards Asia."