Sunday, August 28, 2022

Lithuania will buy Polish Warmate drones. They will go to Ukraine

 Lithuania will buy Polish-made drones and deliver them to Ukraine, said Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas on Twitter. Funds from a social fundraiser in Lithuania will be allocated for the purchase.

Lithuania will buy two intelligent systems of Polish "loitering munition" Warmate for Ukraine, informs the local defense ministry. The devices will be purchased with money collected as a social campaign. "Circulating Ammo" is the official name for the Warmate kamikaze drones. They are shaped like small planes with a propeller on the tail and a replaceable warhead. Lithuania will buy two complete kits, include launch systems and thirty-seven kamikaze drones. The Lithuanian ministry reports that the weapons are to be delivered at the turn of October and November.

"At first, we expected it to be 25, but we managed to agree on 27, and the Polish producer will provide another 10 to support Ukraine" - the Ukrainian media quotes the words of journalist Andrius Tapinas, the initiator of the social campaign.