Saturday, August 27, 2022

Germany has problems with selling weapons. Poland is getting closer to the USA and Korea

 For a long time, the Eastern European NATO countries sourced their weapons from Germany. Now, however, they are ordering it from the US and South Korea. Berlin has lost trust because of Ukraine's indecisive support, writes the newspaper 'Welt am Sonntag' (Welt).

"No other NATO country is arming itself as en masse as Poland. According to Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, Warsaw wants to spend the equivalent of EUR 110 billion on armaments in the coming years. This is more than a special fund for the Bundeswehr," - 'Welt.'

"Poland, like no other country, has provided Kiev with heavy weapons and must replenish its supplies. It will soon "have the largest conventional armed force in Europe." For Washington, the country is likely to become a key partner in security policy," - the newspaper estimates. 

Smaller countries, such as Slovakia and the Baltic states, are also building their arsenals in the face of the Russian threat.

This is an opportunity for Western defense companies to make huge deals. But German arms manufacturers are not on the Warsaw shopping list. In addition, the Polish army will say goodbye to the German Leopard 2 tanks in the near future.

Poland, as the largest player in Eastern Europe, is getting closer and closer to the USA and South Korea, especially since these countries can deliver weapons faster than the German industry. 

Due to its reluctance to provide Ukraine with military aid, Berlin lost the trust of its partners, - 'Welt' notes. - What, they ask in Warsaw or Vilnius, if the Russian army crosses the border in Poland or Lithuania? Will Chancellor Olaf Scholz allow the industry to supply ammunition then?

You may not know that. In 1920 when Poland defended itself from Russian Soviets invasion it was Germany that actively prevented French weapons to be delivered to Poland. So, there is a precedent and Poles remember that well.