Wednesday, September 21, 2022

German politicians want Donald Tusk to become the new head of the EC, but there is a problem

 A discussion about the new head of the European Commission is supposed to take place in Brussels. - There are currently no European leaders who would have adequate experience for this position. And Manfred Weber, who replaced Donald as head of the European People's Party, wants to become Prime Minister of Bavaria. Behind the curtains, the German politicians mention Donald Tusk as the future candidate for the head of the European Commission.

In Poland, Donald Tusk, politically, suffered bad few days. There is a lot of evidence that he is as much as German Chancelor Merkel, if not more, responsible for EU's dependence on Russian gas and oil.

Yesterday, in social media, the PM released a video post in which the actions of former PM Donald Tusk were recalled, including in the context of signing gas contracts with Russia until 2037, plans to sell Polish oil company, Lotos, to Russians, and Gazprom's debt cancellation.

The clip recalled Tusk's words when he said: "Gas in Polish-Russian relations cannot and should not be a subject of politics.'  'There is no ideological reason to categorically say "NO" to investors from any country, including Russia." "We also cooperate with Russia on energy. There is no sin in that."

The video ends with the slogan "Don't lie! Donald ".

When publishing the post, the prime minister wrote: "Donald Tusk is as credible in his geopolitics as gas supplies from Russia."