Sunday, September 11, 2022

"Solidarity" writes to the European Commission: "We do not understand"

 In its letter to the European Commission (EC), the Polish workers' union, "Solidarity," expressed indignation and disappointment at the blocking of money for Poland for war refugees from Ukraine and the funds for the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO).

"We do not understand why Poland, an EU member state, is treated openly and offensively unfair," wrote the authors of the letter to the President of the European Commission.

Dear Madam President, as "Solidarity", we observe with indignation and disappointment that the European Commission blocks under various pretexts, including yourself, from the KPO funds allocated to Poland. The Commission does not support the efforts of helping war refugees from Ukraine adequately to the situation of our country. In March 2016, an agreement was reached between Turkey and the European Union, under which Ankara received EUR 6 billion in two tranches under the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey. 
Meanwhile, the multimillion crowd of refugees from Ukraine in Poland is financed in every aspect exclusively by Polish the budget and the Polish society showing the true face of solidarity, but the scale of this immigration and the multiplicity of short-term and long-term challenges result in enormous needs, therefore the support so far from the EU level is extremely insufficient. 
To deal with them effectively and to provide full support to Ukrainian citizens arriving in the EU, it is urgent to mobilize European funds, as was the case with previous migration crises. We do not understand why Poland, an EU member state, is treated openly and offensively unfair?

In the letter, the "Solidarity" drew attention to the great crisis affecting Europe in connection with Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine. The authors of the document paid special attention to the energy crisis. "All this is combined with the irresponsible climate policy of the European Commission, including, in particular, the speculative system of trading in ETS emissions," we read.

In the opinion of "Solidarity," the EU should first of all "immediately suspend the operation of the European emissions trading system EU ETS, and then subject it to thorough analysis and reform, especially in the context of the return of many countries, including Germany, France or even Norway, to conventional energy and coal mining."

At the end of August this year. in Paris, the head of the Polish government proposed to "freeze" ETS prices for two years. However, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said at the time that the European Union needed an emissions trading system to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.