Monday, September 12, 2022

The US made Poland a nuclear offer

 The US submitted an offer to construct nuclear reactors in Poland, informs Rzeczpospolita.

The offer was given during today's meeting between the Minister of Climate, Anna Moskwa, and the US ambassador to Poland, Marek Brzeziński.  The president of Westinghouse in Poland, Mirosław Kowalik, was participating in the meeting.

It is a Concept Execution Report (CER), a detailed road map for the construction of six large nuclear reactors using American technology. The document also contains a strategic framework for cooperation between the United States and Poland in civil nuclear energy.

The American offer is to build Westinghouse AP1000 reactors. Four such blocks are in operation in China, and two are to be launched in the US in the coming months. China plans to build another four such blocks.

In October 2021, French EDF submitted a preliminary, non-binding offer to build 4-6 EPR reactors. In April 2022, the Korean KHNP submitted a technical and financial offer for six APR1400 reactors.